BEGO expands in China by partnering with CareCapital

2019-09-02 12:45

September 2,2019, Bremen, Germany/Hong Kong, China--To better serve clinicians in the fast-growing Chinese dental implant market, BEGO Implant Systems GMBH & CO. KG (“BIS”) has signed a strategic partnership agreement covering the China market with an affiliate of CareCapital Dental Holdings Limited (“CareCapital”), an investment company conducting dental businesses in China.

The strategic partnership will allow BIS to better serve clinicians in China and gain much broader access to the Chinese implant and digital dentistry market.   CareCapital would be bringing a leading German brand into its broad dental eco-system of technology, distribution and clinical assets to tailor a full range of services for various type of dentist customers.   The strategic partnership includes long-term technical service, distribution, technology integration and R&D support, as well as possibility further consolidating BIS’ China business through a joint venture.

Through partnership with CareCapital, it is expected that BIS will be able to significantly increase its management presence in China, obtain intimate understanding of clinical needs, feedback Chinese clinical needs into its R&D process, further align its global resource planning and strategy, and provide better education and training to support Chinese customers.  

The CEO of BIS, Walter Esinger, comments, “The China implant market has evolved to become strategically the most important in the world.   BIS must be forward-leaning in positioning itself to respond quickly to clinical needs with R&D, operations, education and technical support that’s tailored to local needs in China.   Established brands like ours have traditionally managed from the comfort of our offices in Germany and seen China simply as another market, this attitude needs to change.   We are stepping up our commitment to China market by partnering with CareCapital who brings vast resources from its dental eco-system and an impressive track record of helping dental businesses grow. Our strategic partnership will pivot our high-quality German R&D and manufacturing capabilities to respond in an agile way to the fast-changing needs of the China market.   We also welcome CareCapital business style of being transparent and engaging with its business partners, and having its first priority being enhancing customer experience and increasing market presence.

The Chinese dental implant and digital dentistry market is underpenetrated but is expected to grow rapidly, driven mainly by both functional and accessible products and system solutions. Having been in China for 10 years, BIS offersa full range of registered dental implantology products and is already a leading brand in China servicing high-quality and discerning dentists. The expected regulatory approval for BIS’ new digital solutions, as well as increased investment into training and education, will allow BIS to better serve its customers.   To support customers in China with training and education modules, BIS plans to open an all new state-of-the-art training center by first quarter of 2020. BIS’ long-term distribution partner will remain an important part of the new organization structure and will continue to serve their current customers as in the past.

Dr. Leo CHEN Guang, a Director of CareCapital, comments: “Implants areno longer a product, but a full suite of services enabling clinicians to achieve better outcomes.   Workflow in the sense of forcing customers to adopt our design, is doomed for failure. Products and services designed for each customer niche is what it’s all about.   CareCapital will help BEGOdeliver a full range of services to support its various customers segments in China, leveraging our leading capabilities and assets.   This would include clinical guidance from our leading dental research hospitals, dedicated training facilities for BIS at our DSOs, involving our KOLs into BIS’ R&D process, integrating with our digital x-ray and scanner technologies, and empowering BIS with design software and services.   Most importantly, dentists and distribution partners would be dealing with a stable service organisation in China for good.”

About CareCapital

CareCapital is a company dedicated in   dental technology, distribution and clinical assets in China, as well as a leading investor in dental technologies globally. Its portfolio consists of digital technology businesses such as Carestream Dental, digital orthodontics businesses such as AngelAlign and OrthoCaps, dominant distribution networks consisting of national leader HG Dental and provincial leaders, as well as a network of DSO assets and large dental research hospitals.

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About BEGO Implant Systems

Established in 1992 as part of Bego Group which is a leading company in dental laboratory solutions, BEGO Implant Systems is a German based multi-national dental implant solutions provider offering a comprehensive range of implant and prosthetic solutions, guided surgery solutions and biomaterials.   BIS serves the upper end of value implant segments in more than 50 countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia.   BIS is known for high quality standards and outstanding product development and innovation capabilities.   China is one of BIS’s strategic focus and BIS has been serving Chinese clinicians for over 10 years. BEGO Implant Systems’ product portfolio is fully approved by the Chinese SFDA, and designed and 100% made in Germany.

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