CareCapital Appoints Bindusaran as Executive Director

2021-02-08 11:53

Feb. 8th, 2021-CareCapital announces the appointment of Mr. A P A Bindusaran as Executive Director and Head of DSO Clinical and Business Development. Prior to joining CareCapital, Mr. Bindusaran spent 16 years in R&D, clinical affairs, treatment planning operations in different companies ranging from dental technology start-ups to global dental leaders.

CareCapital is a sizable investment firm in the world that focuses on dentistry, and provides a patient and collaborative environment for dental entrepreneurs and talented executives to realize their visions. CareCapital provides venture capital, growth stage financing and buyout capital in minority and majority formats, in dental businesses spanning Asia, Europe and Americas.

By being an owner of dental clinical organizations, product technology and software and service providers, CareCapital brings the needs of the customer to the front and center of its businesses, and strives to evolve the traditional buy and sell dynamic into one of true mutual value creation throughout the value chain.

Mr. Bindusaran’s role is to help large dental service organizations operate even better, by integrating diagnostic, treatment planning and patient experience technology into their operations, and to invest in businesses that share this focus across Asia, Europe and Americas.

Mr. Bindusaran stated, “CareCapital’s long-term ownership of businesses throughout the dental value chain allows me to truly focus on mutual value creation. I am excited to further develop CareCapital as the investor of choice for executives who love the collaborative and dynamic nature of dentistry”.

Mr. Dai Feng, a Partner of CareCapital, stated that “Our portfolio companies and we are motivated by a vision for the future of dentistry. Mr. Bindusaran shares our values and we welcome him to join CareCapital to lead DSO Clinical and Business Development.   Mr. Bindusaran’s sensitivity to clinical needs, understanding of technology to meet those needs and his global experience will help CareCapital to further empower our business portfolio.”

ABOUT Mr. A P A Bindusaran

Mr. A P A Bindusaran graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from National University of Singapore with a specialization in BioMechanics.

In 2006, Mr. A P A Bindusaran was the first employee of BioMers Private Limited. He was responsible for the research, development, clinical affairs and digital treatment planning. During the period, he invented SimpliClear custom solutions and the world’s only rectangular composite arch wire, which helped to transform the company from manufacturing orthodontic wires to providing custom orthodontic device solutions.

Mr. A P A Bindusaran joined Ormco in 2014 as a Senior Manager of R&D Digital and Clinical Affairs with a focus on digital orthodontics, innovative materials, R&D and clinical trial management. He was instrumental in reinvigorating Insignia as one of the successful digital products in orthodontics.

In 2017, Mr. A P A Bindusaran joined Straumann as the Global Head of Orthodontic Technology in Switzerland and took charge of the development strategy of technology and clinical operation of ClearCorrect, one of the main brands in Europe and the United States. He was also responsible for multiple M&A and co-operation projects.


A long-term investor focused on the global dental and oral care industry, CareCapital is committed to providing a patient and collaborative environment for dental entrepreneurs and talented executives to realize their customer-centric visions.   CareCapital invests heavily in technologies, training, brands and enterprises that span the entire dental industry.   

In dental technology, CareCapital invests in industry-leading operating teams and R&D talents and capabilities in a broad range of dental applications including clear aligners, implants, bone regeneration, imaging, scanners and restoration. CareCapital has majority stake in AngelAlign, Purgo Biologics, and Neoss, strategic investment in CareStream Dental, and strategic partnership with BEGO and Medit.

In clinical education, CareCapital invests in large research dental hospital and DSOs. It empowers them by bringing in global education resources, organizing strong dental specialties and building state-of-the-art training centres, in order to provide highest quality dental services.

In software and IT, CareCapital leverages its strong information technology team to empower a large number of dental distribution companies and dental practices, to provide enhanced service experience for dentists and product brands. Through large dental distribution network in China,including CC Dental and XinHuaGuang Dental, CareCapital strives to upgrade the digitalization level in the dental industry.