CareCapital Supports Freqty Technology in Bid to be Industry Forerunner

2021-03-05 16:26

On March 5, 2021, CareCapital announced its strategic investment in Freqty Technology, an enterprise with strength in scientific research on oral digital technology. The investment and partnership aim to helping Freqty make a breakthrough in the strategic areas, including the research and development of core technology, product iteration and professional customer service.

CareCapital, an equity investor focused on the global dental and oral care industry, has an in-depth understanding of the whole dental industry chain and has conducted research on different types of customer needs, application scenarios and market patterns with its development in the subjects of orthodontics, implantation, restoration, and pediatric teeth. By working closely with each other, Freqty Technology connects its world-leading product R&D capabilities with CareCapital's industrial resources, transforming the innovation ability of the Freqty team into leadership in the industry.

Freqty Technology, as a digital dental medical equipment enterprise, boasts a strong R&D team, which brings together talents in multiple fields, including optics, mechanics, electronics, computers, and medicine, with the proportion of doctors as high as 80%. Furthermore, the team has been working closely with a considerable number of scientific research institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University and so on. In addition, Freqty Technology is the first enterprise in China that has mastered the capability of manufacturing a full set of "3D Digital Oral Impression and CAD/CAM Prosthodontics" equipment through independent research and development, with its technical indicators comparable to those of the global leading enterprises.

Mr. Ao Mingwu, founder of Freqty Technology, is an entrepreneur and technologist who has long focused on the digital field. "Freqty Technology aspired to be the global leader in oral digital technology," he said. The introduction of CareCapital's strategic investment is not only because we admire that the enterprise has an open and cooperative mind and also the positive energy in building the industry, but also because it, as the most widely distributed and thoroughly studied industrial investment institution in the world's dental industry, provides us with a stage for multi-faceted product research and cross-exploration of multi-application scenarios in the whole dental industry chain, and gives us assistance in developing market. It makes us feel confident and proud to work with CareCapital.

“Freqty Technology led by Mr. Ao Mingwu is a mature team which has both innovative passion and superb R&D capabilities. It has made remarkable achievements through years of investment and research in the field of technology. Cost-effective products and strong executive force are only the foundation of an outstanding enterprise; it is only with a lofty vision, rich imagination and attractiveness for talents that an enterprise can become an international leading one. This is not only the unique advantage of Mr. Ao's team and Fretty Technology, but also the positive energy that CareCapital hopes to support and promote and develop.” said Mr. Hu Jiezhang, partner of CareCapital.

The independent R&D results of Freqty Technology cover oral scanning projection chip module, embedded computing module, 3D display engine, imaging module, thermal management system and so on, which can meet the requirements of ultra-high data density and computing speed and solve the big problem of imaging speed of digital oral scanning equipment. Owing to its small size, comfortable clinical experience, and high-cost performance, what’s more, the new generation product Panda2 of Freqty Technology has drawn close attention of the market. The 3D digital intraoral scanner developed by Freqty team is currently the top-tiered third-generation oral scanning technology in the world, which has come on the markets of China, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America, the Middle East and Africa and been well received by the stomatologists both at home and abroad.