CareCapital Outlined Eight Emerging Trends in Forsyth Dentech 2021

2021-09-23 17:51

The Forsyth Institute, with its 111-year history of oral health innovation, convened key stakeholders across the oral health ecosystem at Forsyth dentech 2021 to spur innovation and investment into the $100+ billion untapped dental technology market.

On Sept. 23, more than 400 inventors, investors, and leaders from 28 countries gathered virtually or personally at Forsyth’s headquarters in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to attend the world’s first-of-its-kind oral health technology innovation conference and investment forum.

Forsyth dentech 2021 featured a keynote speech by Dai Feng, the co-founder and managing director of the dental focused VC and growth investor, CareCapital Advisors Limited. Feng manages a $5 billion portfolio of more than 50 dental technology companies worldwide, investing an average of $250 million annually to support innovation and leadership.

Feng described eight of the most exciting areas in oral health innovation, from preventative dentistry to digital dentistry, bone and soft-tissue repair and regeneration, to innovative oral health care delivery systems.

“Dental innovation is not just technology. The product is important, the user experience is important, and the clinic economics need to be sustainable,” Feng said in his speech. “Success usually means a specific patient type and need, a specific practice type and need, and a specific dentist type and need. Almost all of the great dental innovations succeeded based on the new context they created.”


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